Inspire your people, attract more clients and achieve a market-leading position 

How can you become a valuable market player? How can you inspire and align your team? How can you ask for higher prices? How can you make clients choose you instead of your competitor?

I do have answers to these questions!

I help mid-sized companies in the life sciences, health care and service industry, create a unique position and a constant flow of clients; without spending loads of money on advertising, much time on acquisition or having to come up with something new or better, every time again.

Over the last 9 years our clients rated our workshops and programs an average of 9.2 (out of 10).

We worked for the following large, mid-sized and small companies
in Malaysia, the Netherlands, Germany and on a global level:

ABN Amro Bank
AMC hospital
Arcus College
Asta Medica
Astellas Pharma
CIZ academy
Celergen ​@ Medical Beauty Center

Community Vlissingen
Dagra Pharma
IDG Media Communications
Hamelink & van den Tooren - Tax Lawyers
Infinite Teachers
InQpharm healthcare
Momentum Capital - Investment funds
Novartis Pharma

RWE Technology
Sanders & Clients Communications
SARV International market research
VSM consumer health
Yamanouchi Pharma
The Dutch Water Board

Jan van den Tooren,
General Manager

Hamelink & van den Tooren
Leading law firm
The Netherlands

Senz gave us a boost to do what we are good at. With Senz, we made clear what differentiates our company from others and what we stand for. It was impressive how fast our team members realized what they can contribute in order to become a unique player.

Artur Zapart Sales & Marketing Director
Astellas Pharma
Life sciences

Karin helped us create the leading brand in the urology market in Poland.
We cooperated on the Omnic launch project in Poland, a new market with new competitors. Karin led many marketing-workshops: very clear vision of the problem, inspirational, excellent structure, interactive & challenging assignments and tangible output.

Ravindran Ragunathan
Head of Human Resources
Zaluvida Group
Life sciences
Kuala Lumpur

Karin has been instrumental in developing “cutting-edge” marketing strategies and concepts that will propel the Company’s future “go to market” strategies. Karin is a highly energized, enthusiastic and passionate person. She exuded this energy and drive to our team members, to make them believe in themselves and to push towards new frontiers. Karin always has a “spirit of excellence” about her.

I am Karin van Zuilen, global strategy & leadership consultant, branding expert, the founder of Senz, pharmacist, marketer to my bone marrow, certified systemic coach, holistic psycho-therapist, mother of Lisa and Niels, partner of Coert. That all is me, but you can summarize this as: deeply interested in what moves people.

For over 10 years I oversaw the creation of business strategy, brand positioning, portfolio management and product development, as a global marketing director in the pharmaceutical and consumer health industry. It was lovely to collaborate with a global team of general managers and marketing specialists in over 40 countries. We achieved the #1 market position in pain management, BPH, urinary incontinence, weight-management & transplantation and successfully introduced 100 product/market combinations worldwide.

As strategy & positioning consultant, I worked with high-profile clients in the financial, governmental, electricity generation, pharmaceutical, consumer health and market research industry. And helped them to become more visible, attract more clients and improve their turnover. Big companies, small companies, diverse sectors, government, I know them from the inside. In Europe, Asia, USA, Latin America, Middle-East. I have seen general managers and marketing people struggling to win market share and I have seen companies who were highly successful.

This is my BIG insight: Trying to be better, new and cheaper works, but is very expensive and hard work. There is an alternative: inspire your clients and connect with their deeper needs. This way you are able to build trust and create a following group of customers, stakeholders and employees, because they want to.

Our programs are based on how our brain influences us to take action. Tricks don’t work in the long term. Finding your real added value in your market (and living up to it) makes the difference.

Karin van Zuilen, strategy & leadership expert

Now, you know who Senz is.
It would be great to get to know you, too, and to explore what we can mean to you.

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Kind regards, Karin van Zuilen